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Anywhere Education | Turn-Key Mobile Education Framework/Mobile LMS

AnywhereEducation is a Turn-Key mobile education framework used to distribute and monetize your training and certification curriculum.

AnywhereEducation is a Mobile LMS (Learning Management System) providing Interactive Education for your employees or students on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch devices as well as Android, Nook, Windows Mobile, and to round things out, any desktop or laptop web browser too.

Give your content GLOBAL reach

Recent analysis of our server data shows that of over 500,000 devices and 200,000 uniquely identified users, (some users upgrade their devices, and MANY have multiple devices, such as iPhone and an iPad) only 38% of those downloads were from the US.

What does that mean for the global reach of YOUR business?

Ideal For Educators, Corporate Environments, And Specialty Information Publishers

AnywhereEducation was created for Educators, Corporate Environments, and Specialty Information Publishers.

Educators -  Traditional and specialty educators appreciate the ease of student tracking, compliance and reporting features - even in heavily regulated industries like Aviation, Finance, and Insurance.

Corporate Environment - Safety, corporate policy and any required compliance training can be easily administered and controlled.

Specialty Information Publishers with their high value, specialized content, appreciate the ease and security of delivery of multiple types of media to their targeted audience.

SCORM and IMS Content Package content ready!

AnywhereEducation is ready for your SCORM or IMS common cartridge compliant content!
If you have content developed for almost any modern e-Learning platform, your content is most likely already packaged in a SCORM format.

We can take your SCORM content and quickly drop it into our AnywhereEducation Mobile LMS (Learning Managment System)

(Don't worry if you are not SCORM or IMS compliant, we can align your content to our system regardless of what format you are currently using - but we know the SCORM crowd will be excited to see our direct support!)

Does Your Company Have A Complex Product Requiring In-Depth Training?

Many complex products have special training needs.

Physically complex systems like comprehensive medical diagnostic systems, municipal power grid controllers, or even some commercial digital printing systems have specialized usage, maintenance and troubleshooting training and documentation requirements. 

They also benefit from the old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" why not deliver your system with not only pictures, and movies, but with the full searchable documentation - all wrapped up in one app!

Likewise, complex software systems often require specialized procedural training for both users and administrators in order to be utilized properly.

The Market Differentiation Ace Up Your Sleeve

Why do customers choose your product or service?  You're not the only game in town. 

Set your business or school apart from the crowd with a state-of-the-art mobile training environment for your students/customers.

Read more to discover how a mobile app can set your business ahead of the pack...

Secure Mobile Delivery Of Print And High Value Copyrighted Material

Are you a print publisher of high value copyrighted materials? If you are not enabling your content for secure mobile digital consumption, you will steadily lose market-share to competitors who are.

Quickly package, deliver, protect and monetize your valuable content...

Industrial Education and Compliance Powerhouse

Are you in a regulated industry seeking to minimize liability exposure by providing compelling, verifiable ongoing training of your employees or member agents/agencies?

Are you with a business or government agency with need to educate and certify your staff for regulation compliance?

Communications Core for Learning Institutions - Even AFTER graduation

Schools or other learning institutions can provide training materials in a compelling media choice like the iPad or smartphone.

A school branded mobile app for students is a compelling sales feature for your school, it can help draw in new students, reduce training material costs, increase loyalty among alumni. 

The app can also provide continuing value to and from your graduates, giving them continuing learning opportunities as you send them future course options.

Author Once, Publish Everywhere

Deliver your training solution on all major device platforms, mobile and desktop without spending your own development dollars.

The AnywhereEducation platform abstracts the end user delivery/presentation layer, so it can easily display the same content on a whole range of devices.

App Store Fast Lane

Get noticed on the App Store!

We quickly make your content into a private labeled App for you - your name, your logo etc.

Your content will be a revenue producing, interactive learning and test/exam App on the App Store in no time flat!

Convert your educational content

Do you have educational content that is currently only available on the connectivity bound web, or in proprietary formats that don't play everywhere such as Flash -or perhaps your content is stuck locked on conventional DVD's?

Enlightened Development  can help you quickly port your content to our AnywhereEducation mobile platform and you'll be up and running quickly.

Turn-Key E-Commerce

Monetize your training content with Turn-Key e-Commerce
We instantly facilitate e-commerce via online and in-app purchase of content and additional materials.
We can also push-deliver targeted multimedia "Ad Lessons" to your students which can be required or optional viewing material according to your needs and policy.