App Store Fast Lane

Get your content on the App Store! We quickly make your content into a private labeled App for you - your name, your logo etc.

Your content will be a revenue producing, interactive learning and test/exam App on the App Store in no time flat!

Your business is your business, and you do it well, but that may not translate into expertise at getting an app launched on the App Store.  That's where Enlightened Development gets you in the fast lane.

There are VERY strict guidelines in place for Apps, and as you may be aware from media headlines among the major publishing players, those guidelines become even more complex once you enable in-app purchase, or provide subscription content purchase and access in your app.  Our application framework is carefully tested against all App Store guidelines already, so adding your content and private label is a snap.

Why reinvent the wheel?  Drop your content into our previously approved app framework, the approval and publishing/posting process will go quickly, plus we navigate any hitches for you. Go mobile TODAY -without the headaches!