Author Once, Publish Everywhere

Deliver your training solution on all major device platforms, mobile and desktop without spending your own development dollars.

The AnywhereEducation platform abstracts the end user delivery/presentation layer, so it can easily display the same content on a whole range of devices.

We have a standardized "container" method your materials go into.  These containers "abstract" the viewing device and method rather than cater to it. 

That means your materials can be displayed equally well on the web using a browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari, as they can on a smartphone like the iPhone, Android phone, and equally well on a tablet like the iPad or Nook Color without any need to change or convert the content or the course materials for each. 

And because there is 100% compatibility among the versions, we evan allow users to jump from one platform to the next without loosing their progress in the materials. 

Authoring, converting, synchronizing versions of educational materials can be tedious, time consuming, and expensive.  AnywhereEducation simplifies this process as an "author once, publish everywhere" solution for your training materials!