School or other learning institution? Provide your training materials via a compelling media choice like the iPad or smartphone.

Providing a school branded mobile learning choice for students is a compelling sales feature for your school, it can help draw in new students, reduce training material costs, increase loyalty among alumni.  But it can also provide continuing value to and from your graduates.

Stop requiring students to lug around books and reference materials - any eBook or PDF supplemental material can be built right into your course!  - Want to amplify the "student attracting effect" of offering your course on mobile platform? Consider giving your students an iPad or Color Nook with your coursework pre-loaded - you can build the relatively low device cost right into your tuition in place of book costs, but the wow factor for students helps make marketing your school an easy job.

You don't have to go "Cold Turkey" either, you can start with materials you may have ready, and "push" updates and additional materials to course participants at any time in the future.

KEEP IN TOUCH WITH ALUMNI!  You can have graduates keep the app once they have graduated and moved on in their career, allowing them to easily reference materials they learned.  But the connection to your alumni does not stop there!  You can send them "push" notices in the app, or update course content as materials change, or new references become available.  

And if an important update comes along, you can MAKE FUTURE UPDATES to the course through easy in-app purchase of additional content or even ancillary topics you feel they may have interest in!

Your graduates love your school branded app because it keeps them current and engaged.
Your school loves the app because it helps retain graduates as active revenue contributors.

Everybody wins!