Do you have educational content that is currently only available on the connectivity bound web or in proprietary formats that don't play everywhere such as Flash, - or perhaps your content is "stuck" locked on conventional DVD's?

Enlightened Development can help you quickly port your content to our AnywhereEducation mobile platform and you'll be up and running quickly.

You're  not alone in your position - the vast majority of quality multimedia education materials are still bound to one specific media version.  Sometimes it's an online version or perhaps it's a set of DVD's with matching workbooks and text books.

No need to start over, and no need to hire a programmer or media expert to move that content.  We can do it as part of the process of moving your content onto AnywhereEducation's multimedia platform.

Don't stay stuck in yesterday's media formats, and don't reinvent the wheel either - just contact us today and we'll evaluate your content for free.