Compliance Solutions:

Does your industry require mandatory, enforced, continuing education or certification?

The AnywhereEducation platform provides a complete built-in compliance framework for your corporate or government continuing education (CE/CEU) requirements.

Your employees no longer need to be locked to their desktop computers to be provided verifiable, reportable training materials.

  • Insurance
  • Banking/Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Hazardous Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Food Industry
  • Laboratory Safety Protocols
  • Etc.

Why not deliver your course to your agents or employees using a mobile solution that allows them to take the course at their desk on the web, or on their iPhone or iPad or other popular mobile device anywhere they are, right in the field?

We can deliver your course as an "App" and give your management team a web portal to track your employee compliance, time spent taking the courses, scores on quizzes and exams, etc.

As an internal communications bonus, you can also use the platform to push important notices, information, and updates to your users right in the app.

We're flexible so we're easy to work with!  We can deliver your app with CREATIVE COST MODELS...

  • You can have your users/customers/agents pay via in app purchase.
  • The app may be made available for free but empty of significant content until authorized
  • You can provide a list of authorized users who will be the only ones to get your content
  • Different working groups or job roles may require different content. Content may be targeted for each user or group.
  • You can charge an amount in the App Store to defray costs
  • Be billed only for authorized users - Users provide a code to activate the course for central billing for bulk user mode.


Practical problems presented by most
AnywhereEducation addresses these issues with ease!
  • Most solutions have an Internet connection dependency
  • Content is often limited by media format requirements
  • No Mobile option or mobile option may have no accountability reporting
  • Most platforms offer only limited interactivity with the content
  • No Internet connection required to run the app
  • Most media formats supported and conversion from incompatible formats is available!
  • Mobile platform is totally accountable for time and usage compliance reporting!
  • Users can interact with the content, take quizzes, be whisked back to exact moments in the content when having difficulty with a quiz, etc.