Features and Core Strengths

AnywhereEducation's unique strengths are in accountability, student progress tracking, ease of commerce, multi-device synchronization and content format flexibility.

Explore the product features to see how these core elements are integrated into every facet of the product.

Give your content GLOBAL reach

Recent analysis of our server data shows that of over 500,000 devices and 200,000 uniquely identified users, (some users upgrade their devices, and MANY have multiple devices, such as iPhone and an iPad) only 38% of those downloads were from the US.

What does that mean for the global reach of YOUR business?

Powerful, Selective Portable Printing

Publishers can select the printing rights for each document in their solution based on their copy/print policies.

AnywhereEducation supports printing directly from IOS devices using Apple's AirPrint technology.

In addition to the "Apple supported" printers – users can enable printing to ANY printer on Windows or Mac using either the Printopia utility for Mac or the FingerPrint utility for Windows.

Think of the possibilities - selectively allowing users to print things like your syllabus or a homework list or even pages from your text or presentation.

Users can even print out their notes (from the built-in notes function)

Custom Education Portals

We make it a snap to have an instantly available, custom branded education portal as your customer/student facing interface.

The portal provides easy access to the web version of your content, and offers your student/customers additional materials to purchase and consume within your mobile app.

No Internet Connection Required

No Internet connection is required once the app and content is on the device!
Many so called "Mobile LMS" offerings are simply special mobile formatted websites that rely on a constant connection.

AnywhereEducation is a fully functional learning platform WITHOUT needing to be connected by WiFi or 3G.
That's been our design goal from the start, and that's why we call it AnywhereEducation!

Communications powerhouse

A communication powerhouse Instructors have the ability to interact with active students in a "live/realtime" or "offline/delayed" manner and for students in same course can form student peer working groups. Questions from students come complete with a detailed context of the student's exact place in the course at the time of the question, since questions often require context to be answered decisively.

Always Up To Date With Content/Lesson "PUSH"

Your App is constantly up to date thanks to our ability to "Push" new content or alerts directly to your students and users.  If you have weekly or monthly additional information you need sent to your students or customers or if the topic you are teaching is subject to rapid change, AnywhereEducation can get current information to your users in a number of ways...

Social Sharing Made Easy

Social sharing has a huge impact on the effectiveness of the education experience.  Social tools facilitate both public encouragement from one's friends for their accomplishments and the viral spread of your brand, be it commercial or academic.

Build your brand and build excitement from student or user/agent peers by allowing them to share their successes!

Multimedia eLearning Powerhouse

We recognize that your students learn in many ways: Audio, Visual Passive(watching), Visual Active(reading, interacting), Demonstration(quizzes), Repetition, etc. 

AnywhereEducation utilizes each of these teaching methods simultaneously to enable students to learn in all the ways they may best absorb the material!

Seamless transition from device to device

Students using the AnywhereEducation platform on multiple devices enjoy Seamless transition from device to device.

The system always keeps track of where they are in the content/syllabus and how they are doing across all of the versions: Desktop/Browser; iPad; iPhone, etc.

Corporate Training Compliance Solutions

The AnywhereEducation platform provides a complete built-in compliance framework for your corporate or government continuing education (CE/CEU) requirements.

Does your industry require mandatory, enforced, continuing education or certification? Your employees no longer need to be locked to their desktop computers to be provided verifiable, reportable training materials.

Author Once, Publish Everywhere

Deliver your training solution on all major device platforms, mobile and desktop without spending your own development dollars.

The AnywhereEducation platform abstracts the end user delivery/presentation layer, so it can easily display the same content on a whole range of devices.

Turn-Key E-Commerce

Monetize your training content with Turn-Key e-Commerce
We instantly facilitate e-commerce via online and in-app purchase of content and additional materials.
We can also push-deliver targeted multimedia "Ad Lessons" to your students which can be required or optional viewing material according to your needs and policy.