Are you in a regulated industry seeking to minimize liability exposure by providing compelling, verifiable ongoing training of your employees or member agents/agencies?

Enlightened Development provides a turn-key compliance solution for you with AnywhereEducation in one step facilitates your training deployment, and provides you with itemized user compliance reporting and proof.

At the same time you actually increase user satisfaction by allowing the required compliance training to be completed whenever and wherever convenient for the user.

And as an added productivity bonus, you'll find that often the most convenient time for your users is conveniently often not during working hours -so you get added workday productivity as a bonus!

AnywhereEducation is your one stop shop to ease the education compliance requirement, reduce your compliance budget, and improve user satisfaction since they can cover the material at their convenience on their favorite device (which can be any combination of desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Are you with a business or government agency with need to educate and certify your staff for compliance with regulations? Your course can be delivered free to your authorized users and the cost centrally billed to you on a per-activated-user basis, upon special arrangement with us, so you only pay for authorized, activated users.