A Multimedia eLearning Powerhouse!

Your students learn in many ways: Audio, Visual Passive(watching), Visual Active(reading, interacting), Demonstration(quizzes), Repetition, etc.  AnywhereEducation utilizes each of these teaching methods simultaneously to enable students to learn in all the ways they may best absorb the material!

Video: While this is a staple in many learning platforms from simple DVD's to complex online learning portals, it's made so much more relevant when the content in the video is connected to other teaching elements...

Audio: When students are learning on a device as mobile as a phone, you may find that some of them listen to courses while driving, If they need to look at illustrations or view diagrams they will simply defer that and come back to review it later when they do the quiz.

Adding closed caption content to your video lessons is not only valuable for improved accessibility of your course, it is extremely valuable for those who learn better by reading along with the narrator!  Closed caption content can also help the student answer questions about spelling and word usage in the course where the narrator alone may have been ambiguous.

PDF/eBook/ePUB content: Built-in searchable reference materials can provide incredible clarity to the learning process, but with volumes and volumes of materials for any given topic, think of the added teaching power created when we add the ability to link the context of a difficult QUIZ question to additional materials explaining the correct answer!  You can link quiz references following any lesson right to a particular page in a PDF book.  You can also link back to a specific MOMENT in a long video where the topic was explained in detail, for a quick, easy review!

What use is a pile of reference materials to a student if there is no logical organization to the materials? AnywhereEducation makes it easy to organize your materials into lessons in order of your syllibus, and reference materials arranged within the library.

Powerpoint presentations you may already have for use with live conference events in your industry, along with a narrator may be the perfect source for your starter content.  You can then create a quiz for each lesson to ensure the student picked up on the content of your presentation.  Add in a reference book or two or PDF pamphlets or term glossaries and you're off to the races with your new e-learning app!