Global Reach

Our apps have global appeal.

Recent analysis of our server data shows that of over 500,000 devices and 200,000 uniquely identified users, (some users upgrade their devices, and MANY have multiple devices, such as iPhone and an iPad) ...

Only 38% of our app downloads were from the US.

What does that mean for the global reach of YOUR business?

Mobile device usage in much of the world outstrips by far the reach and availability of traditional desktop computers. This means that mobile optimized content will be king in those markets. 

Our app statistics are ahead the general app market in terms of international appeal.
The graph below is an overview of download of all apps (not just ours) and as you can see, there is deep penetration into non-US markets, but the US still accounts for significantly more than our 38% figure.


(More details at the graph source page: )