Students using the AnywhereEducation platform on multiple devices enjoy Seamless transition from device to device.

The system always updates where they are in the content/syllabus and how they are doing across all of the versions: 

  • At home on their PC or Mac (via web browser)
  • While out and about with their mobile phone or iPod touch.
  • Anywhere else like a plane, bus, train with their iPad, Color Nook or other tablet

Each time a student uses the system, from any device, AnywhereEducation keeps track of where they are in the materials and how they're doing.

Then the next time you start again, from any other device, you pick up right where you left off...

This really enhances the flexibility of the system overall, since users do not need to feel "stuck" with one way of learning.

Users may find that for most subjects that they LOVE learning via their iPhone or iPod touch, but that some slide presentations for particular topics require a good close look on a larger screen.  All they need to do is start up on their iPad or even their big screen home web browser to watch that section in it's full big screen glory!

When done, they simply close the big screen and jump back on the mobile device, pop in some headphones and continue where they left off.

Simple, intuitive, powerful learning - served up how the student wants it, where and when the student wants it!