Are you a print publisher of high value copyrighted materials? Your brand and content may be revered by your loyal consumers, but if you are not enabling your content for secure mobile digital consumption you will steadily lose marketshare to competitors who are available on mobile.

Package and protect your print content in a single app, branded for your corporate image.  Update your consumers with timely, automatic, digital delivery.

Enable digital subscription payment, in-app pay per issue, in-app pay for premium content, and even allow print subscribers permission to view online/mobile version. These are payment models publishers have been chasing for years, that are a snap to implement in AnywhereEducation's e-commerce platform. 

Add content as you go, and include compelling multimedia components to your print product by inserting audio and video from related conferences or webinars you may already be producing. Take advantage of built in social media sharing tools in the AnywhereEducation platform to help build your brand!