Social sharing

Social sharing has a huge impact on the effectiveness of the education experience.  Social tools facilitate both public encouragement from one's friends for their accomplishments and the viral spread of your brand, be it commercial or academic.

Build your brand and build excitement from student or user/agent peers by allowing them to share their successes!

AnywhereEducation™ recognizes the important social aspects of learning, so we’ve built in comprehensive Facebook, Twitter and email status posting so that when a student has a success such as passing a module or finishing a major quiz etc, they can share that news along with a link to your school or business to all of their friends! This creates interested student/customers you may not have been exposing your product or service to without social sharing. 

Far better than a purchased list of leads - you get a targeted stream of endorsements from your built in reference -your current student -going out into the cloud everyday on your behalf with personal comments and positive emotion, directly connecting to an audience who cares.  It’s free word of mouth advertising for your brand or school. 

Social sharing can be enabled or disabled in your app depending upon your school needs and policy.  If enabled, the student also has the choice to disable it for their own privacy preference.