Turn-Key E-Commerce

Monetize your training content with Turn-Key e-commerce

We instantly facilitate e-commerce via online and in-app purchase. We can also push-deliver targeted multimedia "Ad Lessons" to your students which can be required or optional viewing material depending on your needs and your policy.

AnywhereEducation enables you to take immediate advantage of existing, trusted, robust payment systems including the Apple App Store purchase system, the incredibly flexible "in-App Purchase" system, and even the new "subscription" payment methods for recurring or incremental purchases. 

You can also leverage external purchasing power from our PayPal transaction system for increased profitability and flexibility for your direct sales efforts,  special deals, discounts, affiliates, referral tracking etc. 

All of this sales process flexibility is a daunting task for any company to set up, but with AnywhereEducation it is all taken care of for you as part of the basic framework.

You simply tell us what you want to sell and for how much and the system enables all the mechanicals of allowing the sale to happen and then robustly reporting back to you on activity.

Want to sell a basic course in the app store, then sell related courses or extra/premium reference materials as "in-App purchases" or on your website?  No problem!  You can offer MULTIPLE courses, multiple add-in materials, any time you want, right in the same application!  Even if they are not ready at the time of your App launch, you can make them available to your users at any time in the future!