AnywhereEducation is a Turn-Key mobile education framework used to distribute and monetize your training and certification curriculum.

AnywhereEducation is a Mobile LMS (Learning Management System) providing Interactive Education for your employees or students on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch devices as well as Android, Nook, and Windows Mobile.

Deliver your training solution on all major mobile device platforms without spending your own development dollars.
Be empowered to administer, track and guide your students online.

Monetize your training: We instantly facilitate e-commerce via online and in-app purchase. We can also push-deliver targeted multimedia "Ad Lessons" to your students that can be required or optional viewing material.

Do you have educational content that is currently only available on the web or via DVD? AnywhereEducation can help you quickly port your content to our mobile platform and you'll be up and running quickly.

Get noticed on the App Store! We quickly make your content into a private labeled App for you - your name, your logo etc.
Your content will be a revenue producing, interactive learning and test/exam App on the App Store in no time flat!

AnywhereEducation addresses the rising consumer shift from "wanting convenience" in their training platform to "demanding convenience" - a shift largely borne of the smartphone and tablet computing era.

For students: powerful, complete learning platform with all necessary reference materials tightly integrated into both the mobile app and our online web portal for seamless transitions from device to device.

For teaching/supervising/credentialing staff: You get granular control and visibility to your students activities and progress through real-time online status reports and a comprehensive control portal.

Do you provide training content for franchisees or partner companies?  Produce the curriculum once and it can be re-branded for your partners and franchisees - Why not set up your materials where your partner gets paid for their customer/user,  and you still get paid for providing the content?  We are flexible when it comes to revenue models depending on the industry specifics, market size, and your needs. 

Are you with a business or government agency with need to educate and certify your staff for compliance with regulations? Your course can be delivered free to your authorized users and the cost centrally billed to you on a per-activated-user basis, upon special arrangement with us, so you only pay for authorized, activated users.

Are you in a regulated industry seeking to minimize liability exposure by providing compelling, verifiable ongoing training of your employees or member agents/agencies? Enlightened Development provides a turn-key compliance solution for you with AnywhereEducation in one step facilitating your training deployment, itemized user compliance reporting and proof, and at the same time increasing user satisfaction by allowing the required compliance training to be completed whenever and wherever convenient for the user - which conveniently is often not during working hours -so you get added productivity as a bonus!

School or other learning institution? Providing your training materials via a compelling media choice like the iPad or smartphone is a compelling sales feature for your school, and can help draw in new students. Stop requiring students to lug around books and reference materials - any eBook or PDF supplemental material can be built right into your course!  - Want to amplify the student attracting effect of offering your course on mobile platform? Consider giving your students an iPad or Color Nook with your coursework pre-loaded - build the device cost right into your tuition in place of book costs.

In-Class presentations with minimal equipment AnywhereEducation supports both "Airplay" multimedia lesson streaming and the HDMI adapter.  What can Airplay do for a classroom or live presentation? The user could wirelessly stream and control a video lesson on a remote projector using nothing but a $99 Apple TV set-top box. Similarly, an HDMI adapter allows the user to send the entire contents of the mobile device screen to a TV or projector including documents and reference materials.  Either of these two options make the mobile learning platform into a compact, inexpensive multimedia classroom.

Are you a print publisher of high value copyrighted materials? Your brand and content may be revered by your loyal consumers, but if you are not enabling your content for mobile digital consumption you will steadily lose marketshare to competitors who are available on mobile. Package and protect your print content in a single branded app, and update your followers with timely digital delivery. Subscription payment options and in-app pay per issue models are a snap to implement.  Add compelling multimedia components to your print product by inserting audio and video from related conferences or webinars you may already be producing. Take advantage of built in social media sharing tools in the AnywhereEducation platform to help build your brand!

Market Differentiation. Let's face it, you're school is not the only game in town.  Why not set your school apart from the crowd with a state of the art mobile training environment for your students.

If you currently require or provide online learning, even if you are still stuck with more traditional media formats such as Powerpoint presentations, DVD media, or even print, consider porting your content to our full online plus mobile AnywhereEducation experience.

Contact us today to get your school or business into the mobile era NOW!