AnywhereEducation was created for Educators, Corporate Environments, and Specialty Information Publishers.

Educators -  Traditional and specialty educators appreciate the ease of student tracking, compliance and reporting features - even in heavily regulated industries like Aviation, Finance, and Insurance.

Corporate Environment - Safety, corporate policy and any required compliance training can be easily administered and controlled.

Specialty Information Publishers with their high value, specialized content, appreciate the ease and security of delivery of multiple types of media to their targeted audience.

The difference in use between these main groups is simply turning off or ignoring features that are not important to them.

For Educators:
Educators can focus on the student progress and testing compliance features.  They are less likely to be concerned with secure digital rights management, but if they bring specialty or proprietary training materials they know they are protected..  The AnywhereEducation platform was forged and tested first in the aviation industry - an industry with close government supervision, an FAA mandated curriculum, close supervision and strict education standards. 

For the Corporate Environment - Companies need a way to reliably communicate safety, corporate policy and various required compliance training information.  They need this capability without a lot of added administration overhead, and in a way that can be strictly monitored and controlled.

For Specialty Information Publishers:
Specialty Information Publishers will delight in being able to SECURELY deliver their valuable content to mobile devices without potential of unauthorized sharing for flexible content cost and the ability to offer subscribed content. (Deferred revenue!)  Many specialty information publishers also participate in industry specific webinars, teleconferences etc. this content can easily be dropped into AnywhereEducation and delivered wirelessly to consumers along with print content.  The ability to PUSH multimedia content to all or specific groups of users also lends itself well to the specialty industry news arena.